Claudine Dental Practice - St Cirencester


Prevention is better than cure! Oral hygiene is an essential part of your dental care, and for the preservation of your teeth. We actively work with you to ensure not only your teeth stay healthy, but your gums also. Without healthy gums and bone, our teeth have no support. The long term success of all dental treatment starts with good hygiene. Our team will give you all the information and encouragement you need to take the best care of your mouth.

Preventative dentistry can benefit everyone. Even if you have no teeth of your own, we still check the lining of your mouth for mouth cancer and other conditions, allowing anything to be identified and treated early.

Our Dental Hygienist Naomi provides comprehensive preventative treatment and gives oral hygiene advice to our patients. Naomi will work with you to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy, together you will develop a bespoke maintenance plan for you to follow between visits to achieve the very best health for your mouth.

Naomi also has an AquaCare® unit installed in her surgery, enabling her to provide a power – blast super clean, removing stubborn tooth stains using sodium bicarbonate powder. The same unit can be used to target any sensitive teeth with Sylc, a specialised desensitising powder.